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Michael Rouillard

Antique Tools

A Collector’s Passion

I have been dealing in antique collectible and user tools since 1994. I attended trade school in the early 1980s and worked for a high-end cabinet shop in CT when I graduated. After a few years of working in the shop I ventured out into the home building field and then into the commercial building field. I started out collecting patented planes and one thing led to another and my passion for antique tools took over. I have been buying and selling ever since. I have purchased tools for some of the best collections and museums in the country. I travel the country attending auctions and buying collections to bring to my customers.

Got Tools?

We’re always buying collections, workshops, and single pieces. We’ll give the highest prices for quality items. If you have something that you’re interested in selling, give us a call at (860)377‑6258 or send us an email.