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Bridge City Tool CT-4 Angle Divider Rosewood In Original Box



Bridge City Tool CT-4 Angle Divider Rosewood In Original Box.

It does have original certificate in the box not pictured.

The following is from BCT.

Angle dividers are invaluable in determining the angles for perfect, gap free miter joints. For this purpose, our angle divider accurately determines miters for unknown angles.

Flawlessly inset into the faces of the 6″ solid brass handles are book matched rosewood cheeks. Precision steel helical gears are rigidly attached to each handle. Once indexed, the two handles are connected to a precisely milled, 4-1/2″ brass blade. These gears allow the two handles to rotate around centers in opposing directions. Whatever the angle on the outside of the tool, the blade bisects-indicating the exact angle for a perfect miter joint without any mathematical computations. You lock the CT-4 Angle Divider with the wood infilled locking knobs.

Miter work is significant because end grain is dramatically different than edge or face grain. For centuries, craftspeople have relied upon the seamless appearance of miter joints to conceal end grain. Tight fitting miter joints are imperative for successful work and to meet the high quality standards expected of an accomplished wood artisan or craftsperson.

With the CT-4 Angle Divider in the closed position, the blade is sheltered. Open the handles (they move equally but in opposite directions) to reveal a perfectly centered blade. The CT-4 Angle Divider can be thought of as a folding square. Set the open handles on a straight surface, lock the tool and the blade bisects the 180° surface. This is terrific when you need a 90° reference and are without a square.

The tool is designed to work primarily with the outside edges of the handles for bisecting any angle through 340° of arc. The inside faces are used primarily for scribing the half angle of an accurate miter joint. You will transfer many readings from the CT-4 to a T-bevel for machine set-ups. The narrow slot milled into the blade allows you to find center on round stock up to seven inches in diameter.

In every previous commemorative tool we have buried a United States penny in the tool handle. Concealed within the brass handle of every CT-4 Angle Divider is a penny. This small copper penny, as insignificant as it has come to be, is a powerful symbol of good fortune to those who cross paths with one apart from commerce. From all of us at Bridge City, this is our symbolic gesture of good will and continued success in your endeavors.

This tool was produced in 1996.

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