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New in Box Bridge City Tool DG-2 Depth Gauge Made In USA 1991



New in Box Bridge City Tool DG-2 Depth Gauge Made In USA.

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By loosening the jam nut on the top of the tool, you can adjust the readout sleeve to zero. Re-tighten the jam nut. From this point on, your tool will measure depth readings very accurately. What makes this system enjoyable is you read the depth setting for the top of the tool, you do not have to flip the tool over and read or measure the depth as you would on traditional gages. This feature is very handy. Graduations for the DG-2 are available in either English (1/32nd’s) or in metric (millimeters).

Depth gages are very handy shop aids and have a myriad of useful functions. Obvious uses include depth readings in blind situations and all rabbet and dado depth measurements, and is particularly useful in conjunction with router setups. Your DG-2 will also perform similar functions as a hook rule.

Your depth gage is a completely different tool with the addition of a cutter. By attaching the hardened steel cutting disc to the bottom of the depth stem, (the bevel on the cutter faces the sole of the tool) and adjusting zero (by repeating the process described above) to accommodate the thickness of the cutter, you have a fantastic marking gage. If you want to scribe a line exactly 2″ from the edge of a board, slide the stem until 2″ is in line with the readout sleeve, lock in place and off you go. It works and cuts exactly like our marking gages, razor clean marks, right where you want them.

If you choose to attach the cutter disc with the bevel facing away from the sole of the body, you have created a “hook” which will allow you to trap material between the disc and the sole for very accurate width measurements. Again, the beauty of the tool is your ability to set zero each time you wish to change the function of the tool.

The DG-2 Depth Gage will accurately read to a depth of 5″ with the English version and 127 millimeters with the metric. The depth stem will fit in a hole no smaller than 3/8″.


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