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New In Box Gramercy Tools New York 14″ Sash Saw


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New In Box Gramercy Tools New York 14″ Sash Saw.

The Gramercy Tools Sash saw is probably the lightest big backsaw on the current market. We made it light so that it is easier to use and the lightness means it is easier to sense the position of the blade. It’s a closed handled saw so that it can take more force than the open handles used on smaller saws. We are also very pleased at the elegance of the handle, with its subtle detailing and carefully done lamb’s tongue. On our saw the lamb’s tongue doesn’t touch the blade, it just licks it lightly, in a graceful motion, and isn’t painfully cut by the blade. For all that our handles are machine made we think we have sculpted in more elegance than seen on a lot of hand made handles. The blade is canted for maximum utility. There is a traditional acid etch logo on the side of the blade. Like all the saws in the Gramercy Tools line this saw is hammer set and hand filed which gives it a far smoother cutting action (after it breaks in with a little use).

Length of blade 14″, 13ppi, depth of cut at the toe 2.87″ depth of cut at the heel 3.29″. 5 degree’s negative rake and 7 degrees fleam. Plate thickness: .020″. Closed handle made of American Black Walnut. Hand finished, folded brass back. Saw teeth are hand filed and hammer set. Made in USA.



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